Full HD FPV 評価ボード

これは、FPV(Fast Person View)に使えるのではないか?
この大きさでFull HDで転送できればかなり使えそうな気がする!

GainSpan Full HD Video ADK (GS-ADK-VideoGeo1080p) 仕様:

  • GS2011MIZ module with low power IEEE 802.11b/g/n compliant module with PHY rates up to 72
  • Mpbs. Supports Limited AP, Wi-Fi Direct with concurrent mode, WPS2.0.
  • Wi-Fi Security – 802.11i, WPA/2, Personal and Enterprise, legacy WEP, TLS
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution with Geo Semiconductor H.264 encoder
  • Streaming Protocols – RTP/RTSP streaming for Audio/Video, UDP/TCP streaming.
  • In-home streaming via access point
  • Mobile applications from Geo Semiconductor (iOS and Android)
  • Battery powered reference design with charging circuit
  • Planned support for:
    • Uploading to cloud and storage in the cloud
    • Power saving mode implementation for long battery life designs
    • 2-way audio for communication with a smartphone


GainSpan Introduces Full HD Video Application Development Kit for Wi-Fi IP Video Streaming Applications