Linaro 15.04 Release


Linux Linaro 4.0-2015.04

  • updated linaro-android topic: aosp/android-3.18 branch has been merged
  • GATOR topic: version 5.20.1
  • updated integration-linaro-vexpress64 topic by ARM LT (FVP Base and Foundation models, and Juno support)
  • updated topic from Qualcomm LT (IFC6410 and DB410c boards support):
    • Resource Power Manager (RPM) – MSM Shared Memory Driver (SMD) driver
    • quite some changes under drivers/gpu/drm/ related to adv7511 and adv7533 support
    • ASoC support for QCOM platforms
    • external Connector Class (extcon) support (used for USB VBUS and ID detection)

Linaro builds of AOSP 15.04

  • baseline updated to android-5.1.1_r1
  • updated Nexus 10 CI for LAVA testing
  • added Optimus A80 Android Kitkat build

Linaro OpenEmbedded 2015.04

  • removed stress recipe in favor of oe-core recipe
  • updated linux-linaro to ll_20150422.0 (based on 4.0)
  • libevent-fb: OE-core updated to 2.0.22, fix require statement
  • APM mustang boot failure was tracked down to using ‘arm64′ as U-Boot arch for the initramfs header while the vendor U-Boot 2013.04 expects ‘arm’.
  • upstreaming – strace: fix build for aarch64; libgpg-error 1.18: simplify tuple handling and add armv8b support

Linaro 15.04 Release with Linux 4.0 and Android 5.1